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Five Star Diverticulitis Diet Tea

This Tea is a Life Changer

“I found your tea a couple weeks ago. I am going on almost 2 weeks with no episodes. Yesterday, I felt the pain coming on, shivering with chills, I drank this tea and within 30 mins the spasms had calmed down and I was able to get back to work. You don’t know how happy I am right now having something to relieve these episodes. I am so glad I found your tea!”

— Xena (Verified Review)

Who may benefit from this tea?

By harnessing the power of nature, Calming Blends’ unique combination of gentle herbs and natural ingredients is designed to promote optimal digestive health. Whether you’re seeking a natural way to manage diverticulitis symptoms or simply looking to support your digestive system, our various tea blends may offer a range of potential benefits.*
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2 oz re-sealable pouch. Makes 36 cups

Original Diverticulitis Tea. Made from fresh organic herbs. With over 4,000 reviews, this tea has been tried and tested by many.

Diverticulitis Tea and Diverticulitis Diet Booklet

Five Star Diverticulitis Diet Tea

“Miracle in a cup!”
Every time my husband feels a flare-up coming on, one cup of this tea calms it away. He hasn’t needed antibiotics since we found this over a year ago. Amazing stuff. He is a very picky eater, yet he drinks this with no problem.
— Deebee (Amazon Verified Customer)

* Individual Results May Vary

Diverticulitis Tea + Probiotic

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Get the original Diverticulitis Tea plus the Probiotic 60-day supplement. Save 10% by ordering both.


This unique blend combines the very best ingredients of our diverticulitis tea, plus Fennel Seeds and Lemon Balm Leaves.  An amazing tea with great taste and comforting qualities*.

$18.95  $16.95

Calming Blends Probiotic 40 Billion offers a balanced spectrum of live organisms. MAKTREK Bypass Technology ensures higher rate of absorption. 60-Day supply

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Get the world-renowned Diverticulitis Tea, the Feel Better Digestive Tea, Morning Comfort Tea, plus the Probiotic supplement, tea infuser and Diverticulitis Diet booklet. The most popular starter package!

Calming Blends Super Bundle

Reflux Tea

(Our latest blend)


Our Reflux Tea is enjoyed by people seeking natural options for heartburn and acid reflux relief. Contains a mix of organic Chamomile Flowers, Lemon Balm Leaves, Slippery Elm Bark and Ginger Root.

Tea for Acid Reflux, GERD and Heartburn

If you want to learn about Diverticulitis Diet, you have come to the right place.  Did you know that the dietary treatment options for diverticulosis and diverticulitis are different?  For example, treatment for diverticulitis may involve surgery, or antibiotics followed with clear liquid or low residue diet, while treatment for diverticulosis may only involve dietary modifications towards a greater consumption of fiber. We have compiled all this information, plus over 100 delicious recipes in our diverticulitis diet section.

diverticulosis diet pumpkin soup

Diverticulitis Diet Booklet

FREE with first time tea order

Some of our customers prefer to read their information in a printed form. That’s why we provide a free diverticulitis booklet with your first tea order. This handy guide contains information on Diverticulitis Diets, such as foods to eat and what to avoid. The booklet also contains nutritional guidelines, along with foods to eat at each stage (clear liquid, low residue, high fiber).

Diverticulitis Diet Booklet Contains:

  • Diet guidelines for Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis.
  • Clear Liquid, Low Residue and High Fiber meals.
  • Foods to Avoid for Diverticulitis.
  • Delicious recipes that your family will enjoy.
  • Impact of Alcohol and Stress on Diverticulitis.
  • All in a printed, pocket-sized booklet. Yours free.
Unlock the secrets to managing Diverticulitis with our exclusive Diet booklet – yours free with your first tea order.
Diverticulitis Diet Booklet

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Your educational resource on managing diverticulitis through diet, exercise and holistic ways.

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