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Tea: 2 oz Re-sealable Pouch. Makes 36 Cups.
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Diverticulitis Tea

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2 oz Re-sealable Pouch. Makes 36 Cups

World renowned Calming Tea. Made from fresh organic herbs, this tea has been tried and tested by many.

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Diverticulitis Tea

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2 oz Re-sealable Pouch. Makes 36 Cups

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A Key Supplemental to any Diverticulitis Diet

Five Star Diverticulitis Diet Tea

For many years, I suffer from diverticulitis, a dormant and silent condition of the intestine track, that becomes very painful when the pockets (diverticula) get inflamed or infected. It is during those critical conditions that a soothing herbal tea helps to alleviate the symptoms. After trying several brands, I learned about Calming-Blends Tea, I was sold on my first cup. Since then, Calming Blends Tea is part of “the essentials” in my pantry. More, I take it wherever I travel and drink it regularly, even for it’s relaxing effect, after a big dinner. My mother used to say that herbs have all sorts of healing powers, and it is absolutely true for Calming-Blends Tea. Because it is specifically prepared for diverticulitis, its soothing effect is felt immediately. I highly recommend Calming-Blends Tea as a key supplemental to any diverticulitis diet, and also, to any person who is just looking for a first class herbal tea.
— Hugo J

* Individual Results May Vary

MAGIC, with a Capital M

Five Star Diverticulitis Diet Tea
I think this bag MAY be filled with fairy dust and unicorn tears. It is MAGIC, with a capital M. It helps with the pain of diverticulitis SO much! I was hospitalized last month and in excruciating pain. Believe me, I know pain, and this helps! My only gripe is that the bag isn’t bigger. I may just be greedy though since I love this stuff. Each cup only takes two teaspoons, and the bag does seem to be lasting for a fair amount of time, but it is a smaller bag than I’d pictured when I ordered.
— Melissa T

* Individual Results May Vary

Surgery Was No Longer Necessary!!

Five Star Diverticulitis Diet Tea
Haven’t had a flare up of since using this tea and probiotics and not eating nuts, seeds or popcorn. The tea has definitely been a big help. I was in danger of having part of my colon removed and when I started the tea and probiotics the surgery was no longer necessary!! Before this I had to take antibiotics every few months !
— Kathleen R.

* Individual Results May Vary

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Who can benefit from the Calming Tea?

The original Calming Blends tea is formulated with all natural and herbal ingredients. Our goal is to bring relief and comfort to those that are living with the uncomfortable and painful symptoms of Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis and general digestive issues. This tea can be an integral part of your liquid diet or soft foods therapy, or part of your ongoing maintenance phase.*

We invite you to try our tea for yourself – backed by a 30 day no questions asked satisfaction and money-back guarantee.

Diverticulitis Diet Booklet – Yours FREE with Any Tea Order!

Diverticulitis Diet Guide Includes Foods to Eat, What to Avoid and Recipes!

Many people have questions regarding Diverticulitis Diet such as foods to eat and especially thing to avoid. That is why we have put together a handy booklet that describes the various stages of Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis, along with foods to eat at each stage. This guide is yours free and ships together with your tea.

Dietary reference guide for Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis. Everything you need to know, including:

– Dietary guidelines for Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis

– Clear Liquid, Low Residue and High Fiber meal plans

– Suggested daily fiber intake for different age groups

– Foods to Avoid for Diverticulitis

– Easy to make recipes that your family will enjoy

– And much more…

Diverticulitis Diet Booklet

Yours Free with Every Order!

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