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Bearing in mind that over 60% of people will somehow develop diverticulosis or diverticulitis in their lifetime, our mission is to brief relief to those suffering from diverticulitis and diverticulosis.

Our hallmark product, the Calming Blends tea for Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis was formulated by Janice Kalinia, a biologist and founder of Calming Blends.  Our tea has been enjoyed by many people across the globe since 2005.  The signature blend calming tea combines the best in taste as well as proven herbal qualities, which may help relieve inflammation, reduce spasms and produce a general feeling of intestinal comfort.*

At Calming Blends, we are committed to customer service excellence by providing a seamless shopping experience and fast shipping. We understand your need for relief and will do whatever it takes to get the right product shipped to your home or office as soon as possible!

We welcome your comments and questions via our contact us page. We also invite you to share your story on how our Calming Blends has helped you cope with your particular condition.

Thank you for visiting our website and wish you the very best in lifelong health.

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