Diverticulitis Diet and Recipes

Diverticulitis Diet Information and Recipes

3-Stage Diverticulitis Diet Guide: 1) Clear Liquid Diet 2) Low Residue 3) High Fiber

Although they sound familiar, treatment options for diverticulosis and diverticulitis are quite different. For example, treatment for diverticulitis may involve surgery, or antibiotics followed with clear liquid or low residue diet, while treatment for diverticulosis usually may only involve dietary modifications towards a greater consumption of fiber.

Clear Liquid Diet for diverticulitis

When symptoms of diverticulitis are severe, a clear liquid diet is recommended.

Low Residue Diet for Diverticulitis

The low residue diet aims to decrease bowel volume so that the infection can heal.

Collection of High Fiber recipes for Diverticulosis by Calming Blends

Once the pain of diverticulitis subsides, a high fiber diet is the recommended therapy.

List of Foods To Avoid for Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis

If you are experiencing an active flare-up or pain, you may want to avoid these foods.

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