Calming Blends Diverticulitis Tea Reviews

The relief that you get is priceless. Thank you for this great remedy.

The tea has been a great help for my pain and bloating from diverticulitis.its great taste makes it easy to consume plus the relief that you get is priceless. Thank you for this great remedy.

A key supplemental to any diverticulitis diet

For many years, I suffer from diverticulitis, a dormant and silent condition of the intestine track, that becomes very painful when the pockets (diverticula) get inflamed or infected. It is during those critical conditions that a soothing herbal tea helps to alleviate the symptoms. After trying several brands, I learned about Calming-Blends Tea, I was sold on my first cup. Since then, Calming Blends Tea is part of “the essentials” in my pantry. More, I take it wherever I travel and drink it regularly, even for it’s relaxing effect, after a big dinner. My mother used to say that herbs have all sorts of healing powers, and it is absolutely true for Calming-Blends Tea. Because it is specifically prepared for diverticulitis, its soothing effect is felt immediately. I highly recommend Calming-Blends Tea as a key supplemental to any diverticulitis diet, and also, to any person who is just looking for a first class herbal tea.

It’s been a life saver

I purchased this tea for my husband and he loves it. I was just searching the web for diverticulosis information. I am so glad I found your site! It’s been a life saver.

I would definitely purchase again

I am not a fan of herbal teas, but was in so much pain I was looking for anything to help. After just a few cups of this tea my digestive system was settled down. I would definitely purchase it again.

Next day felt great, no more pain

Started having an attack and drank two cups of the tea.. next day felt great, no more pain. Always will have this on hand.

Kept my diverticulosis under control

I love your tea. I keep it on hand so that whenever I feel like my digestive system needs a little help I can drink it and feel better quickly. It tastes great too. I believe it has kept my diverticulosis under control and away from the doctor’s office and antibiotics.

It has been a life saver for me

I went through surgery years ago for my diverticulitis. They could not get all of it and have been suffering severely with it. Mornings are the worst.Ever since I have taken the tea in the morning first thing, I have been able to function the rest of the day with minimum pain or no pain. It has been a life saver for me.

Best non-prescription product I have ever found

Best non-prescription product I have ever found to help with cramping, bloating, etc. I’ve used this product for over 10 years & recommend it highly.

Absolutely Amazing!

Absolutely amazing! I’ve been drinking your tea since May of this year and have not had a flare up at all. 1 cup in the morning and I’m good to go. I used to have a flare up every 6 weeks like clockwork. Told my Dr about it as well, he wanted more info because of the results I am getting.

My Doctor was Very Happy

After having been hospitalized for a case of diverticulitis, my doctor was talking to me about a possible necessary surgery. About a month before my next colonoscopy check up, my husband found your tea online and we ordered it. I immediately began to drink it every day. When I went for my check up, the doctor was very happy and told me that I was free of all symptoms and would not need surgery! She said she would see me in 10 years for the next check up! I left the doctor’s office very relieved and I and very grateful to your tea. I will continue to drink it. Thank you, Calming Blends!!!

I love it!

I drink it every morning and I love it!

One of the few products that actually works as advertised

One of the few products that actually works as advertised. I have the tea 2 to 3 cups a day and I feel much better and does relieve the symptoms. Highly recommend your product.

I think I’m on the right track to feeling my best.

Using tea 2 times a day seems to help alleviate cramping. Also started a 16/8 daily fast routine. Together, I think I’m on the right track to feeling my best. So glad I found the tea!

Best I’ve ever found for treating the symptoms of diverticulitis

This tea blend is the best I’ve ever found for treating the symptoms of diverticulitis. It is not a substitute for medical care, but when your intestines are spasmodic, I have never found anything to work so fast. I am reordering it right now. Sure wish I had kept better track of how long I had had my present supply.

Best tea for stomach and intestinal issues.

This is by far the best tea for stomach and intestinal issues. My husband and I unfortunately developed diverticulitis and after searching around I found this tea. The tea is pleasant and has a good taste and we drink it even when no problems are around. I have also found that if it remotely feels like something might want to start with the GI system that tea works for us both. I hope they don’t stop making it!!

It actually works!

The antibiotics the hospital gave her made her throw up. This tea takes a couple of days, but it actually works!

It has been so helpful

I’m sharing this tea with my cousin and we both love it. It has been so helpful and would recommend it to anyone that has Diverticulosis.

Very Calming Tea

I love the soothing qualities of tissue very pleasant tasting tea. I add a ginger tea bag to the steeping process for extra anti-inflammatory benefit for my diverticulitis. It lasts a long time too!

Plus I like the Flavor

The tea settled my colon and I have Little or no pain now. Plus I like the Flavor.

Soothing for Diverticulitis Flare-Ups

Works as promoted. Whenever I’ve had a flare-up, this tea has been a tremendous help. Does the trick by the time I’ve sipped a cup.

Glad I gave it a try

During an episode, I made and drank this tea. It helps a lot. I was surprised and I am glad I gave it a try. This will be in my diet from now on.

I love this tea

I love this tea!! Wonderful soothing flavor. Works great with my Thermos 12 oz Stainless Steel tea tumbler with infuser. Recommend the tea and the cup. Two of my favorite products.

My miracle tea!

My miracle tea! Stomach pains went away after just one cup. I’m so hooked on this tea I’m bringing it with me on my vacation to ensure I don’t have any flare ups.

Five Stars!

This tea is terrific!!! I Reorder often!! Seems to work well for me.

Great product

This tea really helps with stomach cramps and constipation.

Bought this for my husband. He said it helped.

Bought this for my husband. He said it helped. Nuff said.

I can even go off my diet once in a while.

I love it – it is amazing. I can even go off my diet once in awhile.

One cup of tea at the time

I was diagnosed with diverticulitis and I decided to try this tea. To get rid of the bad pain & bad cramps I was ready to drink anything lol.
The tea is very tasty; so tasty that I drink 3 cups in probably 2h. Well well, after that I had a lot of trips to the bathroom. My advice is drink one cup at the time:)

Don’t let her (Friend) be without it.

Got this for a friend and she said don’t let her be without it. She adds honey and says it’s got a good taste.

Works great, my husband isn’t suffering.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Works great, my husband isn’t suffering any long.

It continues to help with my diverticulosis

I drink two cups of this wonderful calming tea , it continues to help with my diverticulosis.

Haven’t had a flare up of diverticulitis since using this tea

Haven’t had a flare up of diverticulitis since using this tea and probiotics and not eating nuts, seeds or popcorn. The tea has definitely been a big help. I was in danger of having part of my colon removed and when I started the tea and probiotics the surgery was no longer necessary!! Before this I had to take antibiotics every few months and had been having diverticulitis occasionally since 2008!!!

Great tea.

I am on my second bag. Great tea..sure hopes this will help with diverticulitis. Tastes so smooth.

A small bag of fairy dust and unicorn tears …

I think this bag MAY be filled with fairy dust and unicorn tears. It is MAGIC, with a capital M. It helps with the pain of diverticulitis SO much! I was hospitalized last month and in excruciating pain. Believe me, I know pain, and this helps! My only gripe is that the bag isn’t bigger. I may just be greedy though since I love this stuff. Each cup only takes two teaspoons, and the bag does seem to be lasting for a fair amount of time, but it is a smaller bag than I’d pictured when I ordered.

This tea is amazing!

I’ve tried many different blends but never felt like any of them calmed my symptoms completely.  My search is over! This is the best blend I have ever tried! I will definitely be a repeat customer!


Stuff works well‼️😀 I started to feel better with hours. Awoke with no discomfort today. Nice flavor. Just bought a second bag for the office.